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  • In Kate’s power packed keynote she reveals the secrets and strategies that got her in front of the microphone and into the locker room holding the attention of millions of listeners for a decade. You’ll be riveted, on the edge of your seats, laughing and eager and empowered to get out there and do it differently as you discover what it really takes to get heard!
  • Hear Kate’s astounding story of how after 5 years and 550 rejections she broke into the male world of sports and became America’s number one female sports commentator, talk show host and leader in the realm of professional sports broadcasting and find out exactly how to communicate with sincerity clarity and impact to break through barriers, upgrade your game and get your message out!
  • Discover essential tools and techniques you can implement immediately to grab and hold attention now –Kate’s done it over and over again in 12,000 interviews -and she keeps ‘em coming back for more -3 million listeners tune into her show – you’ll be amazed and astonished as you learn from Kate exactly how to present your ideas powerfully, open the door to new realms of performance and achievement… and stand out!


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